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Twenty new factoring partnerships in the first half of 2019

PrimeArc Capital, LLC (“PrimeArc”) is pleased to announce that they have engaged in twenty new factoring partnerships over the first half of the year.

Below are a few highlights of some of these new factoring relationships:

  • A New Jersey based staffing company
  • A Florida based wine importer
  • A New York based telecommunications company
  • A North Carolina based transportation company
  • An Illinois based data analytics company

These companies will use the financing provided by PrimeArc to purchase materials, fund expansion initiatives or meet payroll / operational expenses. These new facilities range in capacity from $10,000 to $400,000.

Bud Crawford, CEO, said “we are excited about the partnership with each of our new clients.” Further, “client growth is the benchmark we use to measure our own success. We look forward to helping our new clients meet their growth goals and take the next step on the path to bankability.”

Additionally, PrimeArc was able to graduate over $500,000 of portfolio volume to traditional lines of credit with upstream bank partners. David Ebinger, COO, commented, “our corporate ethos centers around doing what is best for the client. Helping clients take the next step to grow their business is always an exciting win for our organization.”

If you are interested in becoming an ABL or banking partner, please email

Why PrimeArc Capital, LLC
Lines as low as $10,000
No setup fees
No monthly volume minimums
No owner credit requirements

About PrimeArc Capital, LLC

PrimeArc Capital, LLC offers working capital solutions and factoring services to small businesses. PrimeArc Capital is committed to servicing the “micro” end of the factoring industry with credit facilities ranging from $10,000 – $600,000.

Their credit facilities allow clients to pull cash forward by 30 – 60 days to meet financial obligations which include: funding new contracts or orders, payroll costs, or purchasing of supplies. PrimeArc Capital’s working capital lines enable clients to invest in their future by using their cash balance to invest in growth initiatives for their business.

In addition, PrimeArc Capital helps clients manage the collection and billing process for each invoice allowing them to focus more time and energy on core business operations. Please email to learn more.