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PrimeArc Capital, LLC engaged in twenty-nine new factoring partnerships in the first half of 2017

PrimeArc Capital, LLC engaged in twenty-nine new factoring partnerships in the first half of 2017. Below are a few highlights of these new factoring relationships:

• A Florida based erosion control company
• A Maryland based technology staffing company
• A California based geothermal welder
• A Florida based transportation company
• A New York based supplier of kosher foods

These companies will use the financing provided by PrimeArc to purchase materials, fund expansion initiatives or meet payroll / operational expenses. These new facilities range in capacity from $10,000 to $600,000 and average $87,500.

Bud Crawford, CEO, said “we are excited with the new additions to our client base in the first half of 2017. Each new client has the opportunity to grow their business, and we believe our financing program and experienced staff will help them achieve their financial goals.”

Additionally, PrimeArc Capital was able to graduate two clients from their financing program and help them refinance their line of credit with an institutional lender. Operations Manager David Ebinger commented, “our company goal is for our financing to be a bridge to a more traditional financing option. While we hate to lose great clients, it is great to see the positive impact of our financing program. We look forward to helping our next set of clients achieve the same goal.”

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PrimeArc Capital acquires portfolio from Pinnacle Specialty Capital

PrimeArc Capital, LLC (Atlanta, GA) proudly announces the portfolio acquisition of Pinnacle Specialty Capital, LLC (“Pinnacle”), the factoring division of Great Falls Capital Partners (Tacoma, WA). Pinnacle was founded in 2009 and focused on providing “micro” factoring solutions (0-250k) to clients across the United States.

“We are excited to have found [in Pinnacle] a great partner for the acquisition, with similar credit and underwriting standards” says PrimeArc Capital CEO Bud Crawford. “Further,” Crawford notes, “this acquisition helps Facteon continue to diversify its portfolio and client base and will provide a tremendous avenue for growth in the future.”

As part of the acquisition, Beth Malin will rejoin PrimeArc Capital as a Business Development Officer. PrimeArc Capital has also hired David Ebinger, formally of SunTrust Robinson Humphrey and AchieveIt Online, LLC, to help onboard the Pinnacle portfolio and manage the combined entities’ operations going forward. “Both Beth and David have tremendous experience and will be invaluable in helping PrimeArc Capital achieve its goal of becoming an industry leader in the micro factoring space [0-600k credit facilities]. We will continue to invest resources in hiring great people!” said Crawford.

In addition to the acquisition, PrimeArc Capital, LLC engaged in 18 new factoring partnerships in the Q3 and Q4 quarter of 2016. The facilities range in capacity from $10,000 to $600,000 and average $132,500. The companies include:

  • A California based provider of security guard services
  • An Alabama based provider of construction staffing services
  • A Maryland based government contractor
  • A New York based cable installation company
  • A Louisiana based disaster relief company
  • A New York based beauty products manufacturer
  • A Tennessee based hunting knife manufacturer and importer
  • A North Carolina based transportation company
  • A North Carolina based IT services company
  • A California based IT services company
  • A Georgia based facilities management company
  • A North Carolina based dump truck hauler
  • A Louisiana based environmental remediation company
  • A California based energy efficiency consultant
  • A Maryland based technology consultant / installer
  • A Georgia based business services consultant
  • A Texas based excavation / directional drilling company
  • A Georgia based janitorial services company